The Vulture and Little Girl

kevin Carter and Little Girl
kevin Carter and Little Girl

This Photography was captured by famous photographer Kevin Carter. He was also awarded by the “Pulitzer Prize” for the photo. In this Photo, Humanity was crushed, instead of saving Sudanese little girl’s Life, the photographer chose his own interest.  This Photography was published in the New York Times on March 26, 1993. People also judged that While taking this photography Kevin Carter was inhumane. He should have saved the little girl first. After enjoying few months of glory, Kevin Carter was found dead in July 1994 as he committed Suicide out of Depression.

kevin Carter and Little Girl
kevin Carter and Little Girl

The Reason Behind Kevin’s Suicide was later founded that someone Called him and asked about the Sudanese Girl? Kevin Replied he had to catch his flight that day, after that very shot. So He replied that He Didn’t know what happened to her.

People Normally Asked Questions:-

When did Kevin Carter Die?

27 July 1994

Who was Kevin Carter?

Kevin Carter was born on 13 September 1960 and He died on 24 July 1994. He was a South African photojournalist and member of Bang – Bang Club.

Why did Kevin Carter Die?


Kevin Carter
Kevin Carter

Later listening to this conversation, Person on the Phone Said that day there was not just one  Vulture but there were two and second vulture had a camera in his hand. Listening to this, Let Kevin to fall in depression Which finally led to his suicide.

Today everyone want to fame and success. Nobody care about other’s Wellbeing. In What So Ever We Do, Let Humanity Come First before what we can gain out of the situation. Kevin Carter Could have been alive today if he Just Picked that girl up and Taken her to the United Nation’s Feeding Centres.


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